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US Author Missing In Germany - German Police Refuse To Look For Her

US Author Ariana-Leilani Margarita Alexandra King-Pfeiffer

It's been almost a year since anyone has seen US author 18-year-old Ariana-Leilani Margarita Alexandra King-Pfeiffer who was last known to be residing with her father and German diplomat Michael H. Pfeiffer, PhD. German courts suspected her father of being a child sex offender and she is believed to be held against her will and a victim of sex assault by the hands of her father. This week, lawyers of her mothers, Dr. Ariel King, requested the German police assistance in looking for the Ariana-Leilani in Germany but were told that that they would not help. The US government and the German government have a responsibility to band together to find author Ariana-Leilani who's life we believe is in immediate danger We reached out to Laura Jappe Sandbrink, a woman listed on Ariana-Leilani school emergency contact, to inquire if she had seen Ariana-Leilani. We have thus been unable to reach her. We also reached out to her husband Dr. Freidhelm Sandbrink, supervisor to Michael H. Pfeiffer, and asked him if he knew that Mr. Pfeiffer as suspected of child abuse by German courts. His intimidate reply was "no" followed by "I decline to comment." He then proceeded to hand up the phone while I was asking a second question.

Dr. Michael H. Pfeiffer

We are requesting that the United States and Germany unite forces and bring Ariana-Leilani home.

We also are requesting that the US government look into the relationship Dr. Michael H. Pfeiffer had with Laura Jappe Sandbrink and Freidhelm Sandbrink to see if that sheds light on the whereabouts of Ariana-Leilani.

Michael H. Pfeiffer is the son of the founder of E-ON, Dr. Johann Michael Pfeiffer who is believed to be helping Michael H. Pfeiffer conceal the walkabouts of the US author.


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