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Our Marvelous Invisible String

A letter to my beloved daughter Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer

You come from a long line of strong, intelligent, caring, compassionate, and tenacious women from both sides of your heritage.

I am so proud of the young woman that you have become and are becoming. I will support your journey throughout your life. I am yours! I am your mother. You can expect emotional, physical, and financial support, care, love, encouragement, and a lifetime cheerleader!

Dr. Ariel King

You and I, for the first four years, lived in the US and Germany. We moved from Texas, where you were born in Pennsylvania. Before you were a month old, you had two passports: USA and Germany, two citizenships and the only Grandchild in the family! In the second week of your life, we visited your grandmother in Georgia, and by your third week of life, you had your first US passport to visit your grandparents in Bayreuth, Germany.

Through it all, we spent every day of your life together. That is until our lives were permanently altered by those who chose predatory and corrupt actions to control us, use us, abuse us, isolate us from family and friends, and have us afraid for our very lives until today.

During all these 13 years, my goal has been to “stay alive, in order to keep my daughter alive, so that you can have wonderful life to go back to one day.” After years of seeking assistance everywhere, including the United Nations Human Rights Council, over 30 non-governmental organizations, the German Government, the US Government, Social Services in the US, Social Service in Germany, lawyers, courts in both countries, psychologists, and others, I have only now begun to make headway at bringing you home.

Dr. Margo King with Dr. Ariel King & Photo of Ariala-Leilani

For the last three years, after you were threatened to stop communicating with me or risk being put in foster care, all ties to my side of the family were lost to you, although we never stopped fighting for you. Since I am your mother, my priority has always been and remains your survival and safety. I even filed a case that was supposed to take only a couple of months in the German court where your father and I divorced. Instead, it took over many years with your father not allowing you to talk to or write to social workers to give your thought, opinions, or desires. A few weeks before your 18th birthday, the German courts finally verified that I have always had shared custody rights with your father. Nevertheless, they only confirmed this a few weeks before your 18th birthday although I reach out to them 11 years ago.

I have thanked God every day for the privilege of being your mother!

The “Invisiable string” of LOVE that connects us is a privilege given to us by God. Even though you can’t see it with your eyes, you can feel it deep in your heart and know that you are always connected to me and I to you.

My dear, Ariana-Leilani, I love you always,

Forever your mother,

Dr. Ariel King

A video for my beloved daughter Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer


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