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New Neck Pain Relief Device You Can Use At Home

New Neck Pain Relief Device You Can Use At Home

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of reasons from things as minor as sleeping in an uncomfortable position, stress, or simply wearing heavy necklaces. However, some neck pain may be more severe and be a result of a sports injury, car accident or an underlying disease.

In cases where neck pain is the result of a serious injury or illness and requires a doctor's care, there is a medical device that doctors are prescribing to their patients that is having real results.

That medical device is called Cervifit ® 2.0, a neck strengthening system that is the world’s first physician prescribed Tele-medicine home rehabilitation system.

Alan Philipson, Founder of CerviFit, expressed that during today's COVID-19 climate, many would rather forgo taking their physical therapy at a facility if they had the option to do so in the comfort of their own home.

So how exactly does the device work and why is it categorized under Tele-medicine?

Credit: CerviFit Facebook

How it works

Well, the device fits on the head like a helmet, adding weight to your head. This in turn gives a workout for the muscles in your neck when you perform various head movements. As you do so, the muscles in your neck get stronger.

By strengthening the neck in this regard, many patients have seen remarkable results!

For example, Rob said “after using the CerviFit over the course of the past year, I have seen a noticeable reduction in neck pain and headache frequency.” Eric also expressed appreciation for CerviFit, “after being prescribed the CerviFit by my Neurologist and placed on a 10-week home therapy conditioning regimen, some of the most impressive results I have seen came in the form of no longer dealing with horrible and debilitating headaches as well as a massively improved range-of-motion.”


It’s classified as Tele-medicine because the device is backed by Pargmedx®, and sends alerts directly to the therapist and or physician via smartphone using the latest in Bluetooth technology. In addition, it provides weekly progress reports to help doctors and patients monitor use and progress.

If you want to get your hands on Cervifit ® 2.0 you will need to speak with your doctor or neurologist. Cervifit ® 2.0 is covered by insurance carriers including workers’ comp.

To get more information on this powerful medical device and or present this information to your doctor or neurologist, use the contact information below. Your neck will surely thank you!






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