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Kevin Hart drives new activewear line Fabletics Men

From award-winning actor, comedian and philanthropist, Kevin Hart has added powerful weight to his resume and has taken a leading position in fashion as the power and brilliance behind Fabletics Men.

Since 2013, Fabletics has been a leading activewear band for millions of women, inspired and lead by a fearless CEO, Kate Hudson. In a momentous move for 2020, Hudson and Hart have partnered to bring style and affordability to the men's activewear space, and in April of 2020, the launch commenced.

In addition to being sold online, Fabletics Men is also sold in retail locations throughout the US.

Kevin Hart has made a name for himself by appealing to the minds and hearts of a diverse audience and through Fabletics Men he does the same. What makes Fabletics Men so inspiring is that the affordable prices make it literally a brand for everyone. In addition, with an influencer like Hart endorsing the product, it instantaneously has more international appeal because fans know Hart won't back a product or brand without first vetting it's credibility and marketability.

To say Fabletics is credible and marketable definitely goes without saying, as CEO, Hudson, has literally made million with a brilliant business philosophy and strategy.

I personally signed up as a VIP and love the discounted perks!

Now that Gym's are opening back up internationally, this is the best time to become part of an affordable and trendy activewear brand that is taking over the industry.

Click Here to check them out!


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