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It's not too late to do big things in 2021

It's not too late to do big things - A Raven Blair Glover Exclusive

When it comes to the power of the media, not many people know the game as well as Raven Blair Glover, founder of Raven International Media Empire. As an award-winning media personality and former CNN and CBS radio personality, you would have thought that she spent her whole life in media but that's not the case.

Raven Blair Glover aka “The Talk Show Maven” first discovered her passion when just a teenage girl.

Her parents owned 2 restaurants and so for Blair, she often felt overlooked and searching for her voice.

A unique opportunity presented itself when Glover found new friends at a local radio station. She eventually worked her way up and by the time she was 16 she was hosting her very own show.

However, life happened and Glover eventually drifted away for the media world. That is until something very tragic occurred in her personal life.

In an exclusive interview with media powerhouse Joseph Bonner, Glover reveals that it was a life changing moment that occurred some 15-years ago that made her return to her media roots.

During this most revealing podcast tell all, Glover drops some industry tips and shares her 3 top tips for helping others to reach their goals be they in media or elsewhere.

1. Quite yourself

2. Figure out what is in your way

3. Make a decision to move forward

"She was so fun to interact with," Joseph shares with Legend Magazine.

He adds, "talking to Raven was like talking to a longtime friend. Her experience coupled with her delightful personality makes her truly a remarkable woman."

Today, there is no stopping this “The Talk Show Maven” and even at the young age of seventy she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. To that end she is using her industry experience to help her clients find their own path in the media/journalism space through Raven International Media Empire.

Be sure to check out her interview on Legend Magazine podcast!


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