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International appeal during 75th UN General Assembly meetings demand US & Great Britain response

The 75th United Nations General Assembly meeting has gained international but some are not so convinced that the United Nations is really doing all they can to push their 1945 agenda of peace and security.

On September 15th, Court Magazine published an article outlining the not so taboo relationship the United Nations has developed with mainstream religious organizations and how that has clouded their judgement call.

The article, steaming from a documentary published by Joseph Studios back in July, outlines the role mainstream religions have played in the instigation of terrorist acts including war, genocide and the unchecked sexual abuse of youths.

In a detailed article, even the Vatican was investigated, which skeletons being revealed in their closet they instead of halting Hitler regime from it's infancy, actually pandered to Hitler which contributed to his rise and mass genocide of Jews among other religious minorities in Germany during the WWII era.

In short, the article called on the United States of America and Great Britain to engage the United Nations, holding them accountable for eliminating the war, terrorist acts and sexual abuse instigated by the powerful religious majority internationally. It also called on the United Nations to enact present UN articles to legally remove religious organizations involved in terrorist acts while allowing members internationally to still worship in freedom.

While those means are drastic, they are certainly not without president or legal backing. Even the United States constitution limits fundamental freedoms when such freedoms pose a threat to the State.

While the US and Great Britain seem to have their hands full right now with elections and keeping the Queen safe, it's clear that it will take the two most powerful empires in the world to stand behind a call to action against religious majority organizations who have shown for the past 60 years that they are unwilling to work toward peace, instead choosing to continue in acts of terrorism and genocide of religious minorities.

The United Nations has failed in their function thus far to achieve their 1945 goals of peace and security in part due to the fact that they have been lying in bed with the religious majority and have turned a blind eye to the murder, rape and sexual assault of the worlds men, women and children.


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