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How SMG Concepts Created A Business Designed To Help Others Figure Out Their Marketing And Business

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2021 / Marketing is difficult for many people who are just starting out in the business world. While you may be good at the business items, you may not have thought about the marketing and content creation that goes into defining a brand and building a business. That is ok! There are plenty of businesses out there that specialize in marketing and assisting other entrepreneurs in the creation of their marketing strategy.

One of these businesses is SMG Concepts. Their group realized the need for someone to step in and make sure that other businesses understood marketing and building a business outreach effort that would work for their clients. They have a 20-year track record as a results-oriented entrepreneur with sales, marketing, strategic planning, brand building and leadership skills. Helping business owners create their vision into a reality was something the group thrived in. Their strategy is simply taking a small business and bringing it to an enterprise level by implementing specific branding and process driven strategies.

In addition to seeing a problem that they thought needed to be solved, there was also a larger issue of brand new businesses being swindled or scammed by other companies promising marketing expertise. SMG Concepts wanted to make sure that people were being taken care of instead of taken advantage of.

Despite the good intentions of this group, there are always obstacles that get in the way of success. One of these obstacles was finding the right team that would not take advantage of the group, but rather be aligned in the mission for success. Many people take advantage of others trying to grow. Filtering the sincere versus those looking to take advantage of is a full time job in itself. This is why it’s important to have a mentor that can navigate the opportunities and vet out the real and the fake. Learning this the hard way can take a devastating toll on a business, but thankfully, the SMG Concepts was able to overcome this to achieve success and continue on their path to help others.

The creator of the group and its namesake, Shane Santacroce, is an expert businessman who has gone through plenty of difficulties himself to become the business owner that he is today. Namely his personal conflicts have made him the person that he is today and given him a lot of experience to create something that gives back and helps others.

“Overcoming my past has definitely been the biggest obstacle of my career thus far. Growing up with a single mother and addict for a father certainly put me in a position to learn things the hard way. As a teenager and young adult I made many mistakes which landed me in trouble with the law. Once I started to grow in the corporate world, it became increasingly difficult to move into an executive position due to the mistakes I made as a teen.

“This is really what pushed me into entrepreneurship. Understanding my value was the first step, once I knew what I was worth I decided not to settle and be held back by anyone,” Shane explains.

The group is not done yet, they have plenty of great projects coming up, so to make sure you keep up with all they are doing, check out their website here.

SOURCE: SMG Concepts


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