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German diplomat Michael H. Pfeiffer, PhD suspected of child sexual abuse

It's been almost a year since anyone has seen 17-year-old Ariana-Leilani Margarita Alexandra King-Pfeiffer who was last known to be residing with her father and German diplomat Michael H. Pfeiffer, PhD. Since Ariana-Leilani was 5 years old, her black mother, Dr. Ariel King, suspected that something bad was happening to her daughter when her daughter told her "papa touches me in bad places," Her papa is German diplomat Michael H. Pfeiffer, PhD.

To some, her thoughts were confirmed that something was not right when a judge granted Mr. Pfeiffer full custody of Ariana without so much as even talking to her mother Dr. Ariel King. Something Dr. King alluded to in an exclusive interview with Court Magazine is that Mr. Pfeiffer is well connected and by appearance has abused his powers as a German diplomat to take advantage of the US court system.

What makes matters worst is that Michael H. Pfeiffer, PhD is suspected of child sexual abuse and his diplomat status has made it impossible to get Ariana-Leilani the helps she needs.

Ariana-Leilani's case was at one point picked up by the United Nations but the UN failed to follow through on ensuring the safety of Ariana-Leilani.

Making matters worse is that Ariana-Leilani has not been seen in over a year since the pandemic, causing many to fear.

So, how can a child who has been suspected of being abused by her father since the age of 5 still not be given help after the case reached the United Nations?

"It has been a longstanding unwritten policy of the United Nations to favor "friends" over the safety of children." Court Magazine publisher Joseph Bonner states.

He continues, "even though they have entities designed to serve the interest of children all over the world, the United Nations still is closely partnered with organizations who have been both accused and found guilty of sexual abuse, human trafficking and exploitation of youths."

Mr. Bonner adds, "just look at the United Nations partnership with the Vatican who has been investigated and found guilty by the UN over acts of the sexual abuse of thousands of children. They still partner with the Vatican and other organizations guilty of the same thing. So to me it's no surprise that Ariana-Leilani's case was also swept under the rug. It's unfortunate but a sad reality that this German diplomat has not been properly investigated and that this poor child may have endured years of sexual abuse simply because the the UN and other major legal entities did not take her case more seriously. If she were a little white girl and if her mother were white maybe things would have been different."

Dr. King also talks about Washington D.C. police officers who she claims threatened to castrate a man who tried to help Ariana-Leilani back in 2018.

If Dr. King's suspicions are true, the German government also holds responsibility for not granting Ariana-Leilani the choice to live with her mother until earlier this month. A case that has been pending in the German courts for years and this recent move seems too little too late since now it's been over a year since anyone of consequence has seen or heard from the 17-year-old who may fear for her life if she ever decides to leave her father.

So where is Ariana-Leilani and why has the German government and the United Nations failed this poor child?

We at Court Magazine would really like to know.


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