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Ford works to do better business in China

Ford Motors is in a battle to gain momentum in China as it's market gets tougher approaching 2020.

The three Detroit automakers, plus newcomers Tesla, are attempting different ways to snag a piece of the world's largest car market.

Ford is in the second biggest care marker in China, just after General Motors.

Ford has only held about 5% of the shares of the Chinese market since 2008. In 2015, shares dropped to 4.7% and down to 2.9% in 2018.

Unless Ford can turn it around, newcomers like Tesla may capture the number 2 spot in China.

Ford recently revealed in April its strategy to turn things around. In part, by naming auto industry legend, Anning Chen president of its Asian-Pacific operations.

Only time will tell if these recent moves are enough to turn business around in China for the auto giant.


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