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For centuries, artisans all over the world have treasured craftmanship made by hand. Knowledge of weaving, glassblowing, knitting and ceramics travels from generation to generation, reminding us to slow down and value the unique. Discover our timeless and inspiring collection of handmade details for your home, where every single piece is special — for the love of craft.

Rooms merge in this aesthetic collection where the exclusive pieces create a cosy and personal expression. The cushions have been handwoven by a skilled weaver and dyed with plants, making them even more beautiful and inimitable, while braided baskets and handwoven lanterns made with banana fibre and rattan will make any space feel like home.

Style your summer table with beautifully crafted details. The water glasses and matching pitchers will add artistic appeal and a beautiful expression to the table setting. Every glass object from the collection is mouth-blown during an extensive process of special craftmanship and thanks to the individual techniques, every single piece has its own special characteristics. Add some structure and patina with our hand painted vase made from natural terracotta.

Serve your delicious summer delights on our cutting boards made with FSC certified Acacia wood. This type of wood is well-known for its hardness and the grain can vary between straight and wavy patterns, while the shade of colour can range from light amber to a dark mahogany.

For the first time we introduce cushion covers made with Himalayan nettle. The plant grows wildly in Nepal, where the cultivation into fibres provides a livelihood to the local villagers. Due to differences in the shades, the yarn has a natural variation, as the nettle can vary from season to season and between areas. Buttons are made from coconuts and you will see a natural variation from one button to another. The cushions are easy to mix and match with our plant dyed linen throw that has been handwoven with natural unbleached linen to create an authentic natural feel.

Prices range from 9,99 EUR – 79,99 EUR

For a full range of products and more information around the activity, please source the main campaign page.


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