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Facebook and Apple denies US 'back door' access to platform

Government officials have argued for some time that encryption makes criminal investigations too difficult and proposed that Apple and Facebook create special access for law enforcement that would allow them to investigate illegal activity and prosecute offenders better.

According to Technologist, such 'back doors' would weaken digital security.

Facebook and Apple sent representatives to Washington, DC, Tuesday and were urged by senators to create a lawful back door to encrypted data.

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing brought this notice to the Tech world, "If we haven't found a way that you can live with, we will impose our will on you," warned Senator Lindsey Graham.

Facebook and Apple informed the committee that such access would pose a great security risk and would prompt users to seek alternative platforms outside the US. Erik Neuenschwander, Apple's privacy manager, stated: "We've been unable to identify any way to create a back door that would work only for the good guys."

Facebook reemphasized to Attorney General William Barr that the US government would not get access to encrypted messages in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


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