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ECHR Ends Interim Measures for one Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia but does not Dismiss Torture Co

LEGEND: MOSCOW: The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a request of Jehovah's Witnesses tortured during Russian investigations in Serbia.

The European Court of Human Rights withdrew the urgent interim measures regarding one of Jehovah's Witnesses who complained of torture on March 20, 2019. Mr. Loginov's request was denied interim because the ECHR did not believe he was at imminent risk of irreparable harm.

Sergey Pavlovich Loginov

Sergey Pavlovich Loginov

"Abuse and torture have extreme mental and psychological repercussions on the victims," states Mental Health Expert Joseph Bonner. He continues "It's not about stopping damage from happening at this point. The damage has already been done in the situation with Mr. Loginov, it's irreparable. The ECHR's response is understadable in that Mr. Loginov is not in immediate danger, but the reality is that much damage has already been done.

ECHR fails Jehovah's Witnesses and humanity is overlooking  torture allegations in Russia

The ECHR requested that Russia’s authorities carry out a private investigation to verify claims of torture.

"Asking Russia to carry out their own investigation in the matter of Russian torture is like asking an accused rapist to be both judge and jury in their own case," states Bonner.

According to the Russian Justice Ministry, their medical examinations performed by them showed no physical signs of torture.

An examination of the skin by experts in the field of forensic medical examination and psychological research are best for medical examinations designed to verify torture. Such exams have not been used by the Russian Federation as of yet.


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