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Bullying song by 14-year-old inspires kids around the world to keep fighting

Ruby O Kelly

It’s hard to believe that Ruby O Kelly is only 14 years old, but even at this tender age, she is inspiring kinds around the world to not give up when they are facing bullying.

Seeing the effect that bullying had on your older brother inspired her to compose the song You Won’t Stop Me when she was only 12. Ruby explains. For over 10 years my brother was tormented. I have seen the effect it had on my parents and the worry they went through about him.”

With the experience came an act of compassion motivating Ruby to ‘take a stand through music.’ Ruby says “ I decided to make a stand and through music to I decided to make s stand and through music to try my best to make a difference and wipe this epidemic that is killing the youth of today in our world.”

While statistics vary on this topic, some 150,000 students in the UK miss school daily as a result of bullying and experts acknowledge the link between school shootings and child suicide.

With shocking figures such as these, it’s encouraging to see young people working hard to end the pain and suffering of other youths being bullied.

Ruby has performed in front of royalty and has donated any prize money she’s won to children cancer charities.

The selfless act of Ruby reminds us all that no matter who we are or where we’re from, we can make a difference in this world.

“I’m a secondary school student based in Ireland who loves to sing and music is my passion,” Ruby expresses. It’s this passion coupled with her enormous heart that is sending a message of comfort and hope to all those being bullied.

You can listen to her video below!

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