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7 reasons IVY PARK by Beyoncé brings that fire

When it comes to style and fashion, Beyoncé has long been a trend setter and with the launch of IVY PARK founded in 2016, Beyoncé has not disappointed by showing the world that not only does she HAVE style, she MAKES style.

Photo Credit: Ivy Park Facebook

Here are our top 7 picks from IVY PARK on Instagram! To check out the full collection visit

She literally just brought back overalls!

They have not been in style since 1997 and with one post, boom! They're back and looking good!

Hoodie game is on fire!

This multi tone hoodie says street style fashion, comfort and beauty!

Colors of a Queen!

The combination of "Queen Colors" makes this fit one for the history books, which they stylish mini pack that sets the whole fit off!

Outfits that SLAY!

We don't know what in the crouching tiger hidden Beyoncé is going on here but we love it!!!!!


Trend setting always

This stylish piece has a funky fresh flavor and we are loving the sports kicks! Set those trends!

Love for the fellas!

IVY PARK brought something real for the guys looking to step up their sports wardrobe.

Fresh kicks!

Gotta love the kicks from color to style.


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