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5 sure ways to fight depression

When dealing with depression, getting out of bed can seem like an impossible task. With world pressures mounting and financial strain increasing, feelings of inadequacy and self-blame may become a response of many. For many, they have always been able to manage their finances and life problems but as of late it may seem to them that they are losing the battle. As a result, they may begin to doubt their own abilities and self-worth, leading to depression.

There are 5 sure ways to fight this type of depression and keep moving forward in life with a measure of hope.

  1. Don’t blame yourself

It’s important to remember not to blame yourself. Please keep in mind that you are not responsible for the financial crisis facing the world right now. Even if you have made some poor spending habits in the past, you have no control of the job market and the economic state of affairs in the community you are living in. When you avoid the self-blame game, you allow yourself the mental and emotional freedom to focus your energies on things that matter most.

2. Don’t blame others

It may be easy to try to find someone to blame for your current situation but in the long run, blaming others will not result in your personal happiness. On the other hand, it may make feelings of depression more defined. Although it’s true that others may have contributed to your current struggle, the key to pushing through will be in YOU finding a solution.

3. Go outside

What an amazing influence nature can have on our emotions. Have you had a chance to take a walk in the nice neighborhoods or community park recently? Have you had an opportunity to catch the sunset lately? Why not make it a daily habit to spend at least 30 minutes outside in a nice setting. The mental and emotional break connecting with the beauty in nature may surprisingly provide you the right mental and emotional recharge you’ve been looking for and will help you fight depression.

4. Stay busy

Staying busy is another sure way to help fight feelings of depression. If you are out of work right now, why not use your free time to volunteer in the community, pick up a new positive hobby and use the downtime to enhance your professional portfolio. For example, when the pandemic 1st started, I used the extra free time to launch 20 additional podcasts and 10 national and international TV channels. I also found some extra time to write and release 2 songs! I even decided to go back to school! So, why not use your downtime to stay busy in doing something positive!

5. Remember the good in you

When you begin to feel a little down from time to time remember to reflect on the good in YOU. This means taking the time to recognize the positive qualities in yourself. You may want to write them down on a piece of paper and read it at the start of the day to remind yourself of the good in you. Having a positive view of yourself will help you to fight depression and focus on the solutions to your problems.

Here is an extra tip to help fight depression!

6. Take a break

At times life can seem a bit overwhelming and your hectic hectic schedule may make that a breeding ground for depression. So, when you begin to feel like life is becoming too much, take a break! That may be hard to do when you have a growing list of things to do, but remember you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

So although you may not have control over what will happen in the world from one day to the next you do have control over how you live your life. Keep in mind that blaming yourself or others will rob you of joy and contentment. Enjoy the beauty in nature, stay busy, remember the positive things about you and take a break when needed!


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