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3 Ways Facebook Messenger Helps Me

While there are some valid rising concerns over Facebook and security issues, I personally have found the Facebook Messenger App extremely helpful during the coronavirus pandemic.

Staying In Touch

It has allowed me to stay in touch with family and friends far away. I actually have family on my Dad’s side that I have never met before. The Facebook Messenger App was the first way I was able to establish contact with them to try and build family bonds.

To this day I still have not met them in person but I am grateful for the convenience of the Facebook Messenger App that allows me to keep in contact with my family.

Pitching Media

Working in PR, sometimes finding a good contact for a media outlet is more complicated then not. The Facebook Messenger App allows me to connect with journalist and media outlets all over the world with a story lead. It has made work in PR most enjoyable and allows me to grow a diverse media network.

Customer Service

There have been times when I was overcharged at one company and the only way to reach them was through Facebook Messenger. The company was not accepting calls on the weekend and I was pretty frustrated at the whole situation. So, I sent them a message using the Facebook Messenger App and they responded quickly.

My issue was resolved before Monday and I was grateful that I did not have to wait til Monday to fix it.

So, while there may be valid concerns over security and the Facebook Messenger App, I honestly appreciate all of the good things it has added to my life.

It has brought me closer to my family, helped me scale my PR company and resolve customer services issues quickly with efficiency.


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