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Los Angeles rapper launches school outreach program to empower inner-city youths

By: Joseph Bonner

Facebook: @mrjosephbonner

From Left to right: Power 106 FM's J Cruz, Kxng Dope

After the death of Nipsey , millions have been inspired to carry on his legacy and continue to support the community of Los Angeles through self-sacrificing community service. Once of such persons is rapper Chaz Haymond, who goes by the name of Kxng D.O.P.E.

Since 2018 Chaz has been using his free time to speak at schools in the Los Angeles area to encourage youths to pursuing their dreams. His aim is to mentally and emotionally prepare students for future success and remind them that the community values and supports them.

"Students tell me what worries them and I have the opportunity help ease some of those fears," Chaz tells Legend Magazine. He continues, "The kids in the community look at me like a role model. I want to use my platforms to inspire them and talk about things relevant to the community. That's my goal for 2019."

Not only is Kxng D.O.P.E inspiring the youths in the community, but he is also encouraging other artist to take a similar approach.

While Kxng D.O.P.E is not alone in supporting youths and community relations in Los Angeles, he is definitely imitating the example and legacy of who have come before him and have paid it forward in the spirit of self-sacrifice and community service.

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