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Another Parkland Student Suicide Leaves the Community in Shock

Editorial credit: Janos Rautonen /

Another Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student has died over the weekend in what police are calling "suicide."

Last week, former student Sydney Aiello committed suicide. Although she survived the massacre, her mother confirmed that her daughter has suffered from PTSD and survivor's guilt.

"It's really important that parents and guardians become the first line of defense for their children after a tragedy," states mental health coach Joseph Bonner. Bonner continues, "Children won't always tell you what they're going through so parents need to be aware of mood changes and behaviors and seek professional help for your child. Also, talk with your kids often about their feelings related to everything from music, tv, school and the tragedy. The more a child feels like their feelings matter the more inclined they will be to unburden their heart on deeper things. "

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