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Video of Black Man Racially Profiled at AMC Theaters in Ahwatukee Arizona Goes Viral and Sparks Ange

By: Joseph Bonner

Larry Shelton had just used the restroom and gotten a refill at an AMC Theater in Ahwatukee Arizona and when he was approached by an on-site manager who asked to see his ticket alleging that his staff stated that they did not sell him a ticket.

Mr. Shelton told the on-site manage that he did purchase a ticket, but refused to show the manager and told him to check to security cameras to verify his story.

After Mr. Shelton goes back into the theater to enjoy his movie, he is approached by AMC security. Mr. Shelton asks the security to go check the cameras, but refuses to move from his seat until the police arrive. Sounds like another Rosa Parks story only, it's not illegal to sit in a movie theater after you purchased a ticket to be there.

Three 3 police officers show up and escorted out of the movie.

At this point, the manager assured Larry that his staff told him he did not purchase a ticket and said that he had seen Mr. Shelton in through an exit. Mr. Shelton quickly called out the statement as a lie and proceeded to show officers his purchased ticket.

Not only did the manager refuse to apologize to Mr. Shelton for harassing a paying customer, but he also told Mr. Shelton that he could get a refund and then changed his story and said he would not issue him a refund.

Another black officer can be heard telling Mr. Shelton that he should have just shown his ticket, but many people online believe that the issue is much deeper than that.

When your money is just as green as everyone else's, but the color of your skin seems to make people think that you don't deserve the same courtesy that other paying customers receive, Mr. Shelton's frustration is understandable and relatable.

You can add movie theaters to places black will feel uncomfortable at.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think he should have just shown his ticket or do you think he was right in how he responded?

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