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Are You Like Mr. Wonderful?

Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Wonderful, Legend Men's Magazine, GQ Magazine, Stories, By: Joseph Bonner,

Photo: Toranico

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away lived a man named Mr. Wonderful. Mr. Wonderful was his name and wonder is what he became to all who knew him.

You see, Mr. Wonderful was the kind of man who could make just anything happen. With a simple thought, he could turn any of this thoughts and desires into reality.

When Mr. Wonderful wanted to become a Doctor, Mr. Wonderful became a doctor! Just like that!

When Mr. Wonderful wanted to become a Scientist, Mr. Wonderful become a scientist.

When Mr. Wonderful wanted to become an Author, Mr. Wonderful became an author.

When Mr. Wonderful wants to show kindness, Mr. Wonderful does something nice for someone around him.

When Mr. Wonderful wants some excitement, Mr. Wonderful volunteers his time in the community which always brings some sort of excitement in his experience.

And this was no magic, you see. For Mr. Wonderful had something more wonderful then magic to make his dreams a reality. Mr. Wonderful has determination.

Now anybody in the world can get determination. It doesn't cost a dime but can earn you a dime if you are so inclined.

Mr. Wonderful becomes whatever he wants to become and that's what's so wonderful about him.

I guess there's a Mr. or Ms. Wonderful in all of us if in our lives and in all we do we are just as determined.

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