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Data shows team of LA deputies targets Latinos more than other races

In a recent data analysis done by The Times a team of Los Angeles County deputies whose drug busts have resulted in over 1000 arrests seems to be executing traffic stops targeting Latinos at a higher rate than any other race to find their next big drug bust.

The Times’ report shows that 69% of the stops done by the deputies were Latino drivers. Though latino drivers were more likely to be pulled over by the team, the rate in which they found drugs and other illegal items in their vehicles was not much higher than those of black or white drivers.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department defended their position by saying that racial profiling does not play a role in their team’s decision to stop motorists. Rather, they look for how they drive, and they “kill plates” (to run vehicles’ license plates through their computer database) to find whether there is something suspicious on the registration.

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