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Dallas police shooter's family denies racist motives

A Dallas police officer by the name of Amber Guyger was charged with manslaughter after she shot a black man in his own apartment last week. According to the report, the night of the shooting, officer Guyger said she mistaken her his apartment with her own. As she got in, she saw the man inside, causing her to become alarmed. She pulled out her service gun and shot the man twice. Botham Jean was a 26-year-old, recent college graduate.

Just a few days after Jean’s death, people began to question Guyger’s motive. Using social media, people kin to Botham found a few photos where Guyger’s brother-in-law, Noe Garza, seems to be making hand gestures that are commonly known to be connected with “white supremacy,” including the “white power” hand gesture and holding a sign with an “L” and a “W” - often associated with white prison gangs and other neo-nazi symbolism.

Noe stated that the latter was just a form of honoring his favorite band “Lagwagon.” He also defended his position saying: “My last name is Garza. I’m a Mexican. I don’t care about the color of your skin. We all bleed red.”

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