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Why Real Men Wear Suits and Ties

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If you talk about the formal clothes of men or the dress code for the office, you would immediately understand that it’s all about the business wear suit and tie. The suit is a formal office wear in many parts of the world and has been around for hundreds of years. Although there have been variations in the attire from the royal court dress until today's modern suits and tie trend, one thing that has remained the same throughout the ages is that really sophisticated and classy men wear suits and ties.

The traditional royal court dress contained more elaborated pieces of attire such as a waistcoat, suit, wig, knee breeches etc. Revolutionized change left only trousers, shirt, matching coat, waistcoats, and fashionable colored tie. From celebrities, high-level executives, renowned businessman and the like, the suite and tie has been the wardrobe of choice and for good reason.

Although there are many reasons why men should wear a suit and tie regularly, a most important one is a recent psychological research report which found that wearing according to this dress code improves one’s ability to have a bigger vision, make important decisions and feel active and sharp all day. The psychologists of The California State University Northridge had put subjects into various tests to understand the link between human psyche and the dresses. They claimed that wearing a suit and tie to the office or on special occasions will make men feel smart, sharp and successful as a result.

The tie is an essential part of men’s suiting and looks really good with its variety of colors, shades, and prints. There is a huge range of designs and vibrant colors which men can choose to wear on formal occasions adding a pop of color to their dull attire. A well-tailored suit makes you look handsome and very attractive along with a brilliant looking tie which expresses and enforces your hidden charms. In modern times, the tie is considered as a must in many offices. It indicates the time when you have to be on duty. Removing it often signifies that it’s time to relax.

There are various styles of men’s suiting, which men choose to wear according to their body shape, occasion, and personal choice. The Wide Lapel is a style that looks great on the athletic body structure and trending high these days. Double-breasted jackets style is also in trend but it should be selected according to a person’s body shape. Men are also accessorizing the combo of the suit and tie with the pocket square, cufflinks, and tie pins to take things to a whole new level of style.

Whatever your choice in style is, you will surely feel more productive, strong and successful in a suite.

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