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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico in 2018

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Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and while it is always beautiful and fascinating, just a couple of weeks ago, a hurricane hit the islands and caused significant damage. The destruction that occurred may keep you and other people from thinking about choosing Puerto Rico as a travel destination in 2018, but there are many reasons why that shouldn’t happen.

In fact, everyone in Puerto Rico is already hard at work cleaning up the debris, replacing what has been damaged, and getting the islands ready for your vacation there. It is not an easy task, but the people there are keeping things positive because they know that people like yourself are going to be arriving to explore the islands.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Puerto Rico in 2018:

No Special Requirements

As long as you are a citizen of the United States, you will have no special requirements when it comes to visiting Puerto Rico. You will not need to get a passport or a Visa and there is never a need to exchange money for a different currency. Almost everyone on the island does speak Spanish, however, everyone who works in the areas where the tourists like you will be going, speak English quite well. All of this makes it really easy for people to decide that Puerto Rico is definitely a great place to visit.

The Delicious Cuisine

The food is Puerto Rico is simply amazing and while you can probably find it in traditional Puerto Rican neighborhoods in the United States, there is nothing better than the real stuff on the islands. You will have a plethora of main dishes, sides, desserts, and beverages to choose from. You will not want to leave Puerto Rico before having the stewed okra, salmorejo de jueyes, and pasteles de platano. For dessert, you should definitely try the arroz con dulce and the numerous types of flan. Sangrias and boriqua island punch will round out any of your meals.

Adventures Everywhere

Your adventures in Puerto Rico can include anything from adrenaline-filled tours to lazy days at the beach to a more laid-back experience at a local museum. There is a multitude of day tours available on Puerto Rico and you can spend many days hiking through the rainforest, snorkeling, and participating in water sports. The beach at Bioluminescent Bay is one that you will want to visit at night because there is a great chance that you will be able to see the glowing plankton in the water. When it comes to the museums, you will definitely not be able to resist the Aguada Museum, the Casa Cortés ChocoBar, and the Museum of Coffee in Ciales.

Plenty of Events

There are several special events and festivals that take place in Puerto Rico every single month and you will be able to choose to attend many of them in 2018. While your travel dates would dictate how many festivals and events you could see, there are three that you can go to, no matter when you decide to visit. The Festival La Casita is a live music and dance show that is held year-round as are the musical shows that are part of the LeLoLai Program. Gallery Nights feature events at thirty art galleries on the first Tuesday of each month during the evening hours.

A Variety of Accommodations

You can choose from a variety of accommodations in Puerto Rico, so a vacation there will never be a sacrifice of any kind. If you have been dreaming of a long and luxurious vacation for quite some time, then one of the numerous all-inclusive resorts would be perfect for you. You can choose to stay at the El Conquistador Resort, which has a very large pool, water park, and a golf course. In addition to all that, you would have access to more than twenty on-site restaurants and the resort’s private island. There are more low-key places to stay as well, where you can take advantage of day tours and many of the local attractions while immersing yourself in the locals’ lives.

Puerto Rico is going to continue to be a magnificent place to visit in 2018. There may still be a little damage that is noticeable when you arrive, but the majority of the islands will be ready and welcoming. Besides, by visiting Puerto Rico, you will actually be helping them as they continue to rebuild and recuperate from the losses they sustained from the recent hurricane, and that friendship and is what they need the most.

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