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Murder-Suicide likely the cause of MH370 flight disappearance

Murder-Suicide likely the cause of MH370 flight disappearance , Joseph Bonner Reports, Breaking News, Journalist, Popular Investigative Reporter

The mystery of the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370 has likely been solved by Aviation experts to say that the 239 passengers and crew met their final demise at the hands of the plane's captain.

The panel of experts collected for a 60 Minutes television piece in Australia maintains that the verifiable evidence insinuates that Captain Zaharie Amad Shah performed a rigorous series of movements in the air to avoid radar detection and guarantee the plane's disappearance.

According to Boeing 777 instructor Simon Hardy, Captain Zaharie eluded detection by flying between Malaysian and Thai airspace, simultaneously going in and out of radar detection on both sides.

He also noted that the Malaysian captain made an unexplained turn and flew over his hometown, Penang. Perhaps a final goodbye before the apparent suicide-murder.

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