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Lydie Livolsi, A Champion of Women, Health and Success

Lydie Livolsi, Legend Men's Magazine Cover, December 2017, Oprah, Taylor Swift, Ellen, Mariah Carey, the 10 Most Powerful Women In Entertainment 2017, Interview with Scotty McCreery

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison were noted inventors of their time. Forever changing the world as they then knew it, to one of progression and ingenuity. Today, inventors continue to sculpt the world around us, and their contributions are duly noted. There is one inventor who's insight and perception in the field of dentistry has driven her to improve the dentist experience by creating a product that is not only painless but a strike at pure genius in modern times. Lydie Livolsi is that brilliant mind behind the patented and world-renowned "Dental Wig."

A "Dental Wig" is exactly what it sounds like. It's a wig for your teeth. Carefully crafted and designed to fit into space where teeth once were, the Dental Wig allows it's users to eat, sleep and play without the discomfort and embarrassing mishaps commonly associated with dentures.

Getting fitted for a Dental Wig is absolutely painless and it practically eliminates the need for dental implants. A procedure that is both expensive and painful.

We at LEGEND had the honor of interviewing Lydie in this months issue of the LEGEND Men's Magazine. Here is her inspiring story.

There is no doubt in our mind that the Dental Wig is here to stay and that Lydie has forever changed the way we approach our dental options. She has become a true champion of a beautiful smile while she continues to put a smile on the faces of everyone she meets due to her self-sacrificing spirit. Yes, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin would have been honored to have Lydie Livolsi in their company. She has certainly earned her spot among the rank of inventors as a legend that continues to give comfort and hope to those plagued by dental difficulties in the 21st century.

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