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From Shark Tank to brand name -Saavy Naturals brings luxury and health to the world of body treatme

From Shark Tank to brand name -Saavy Naturals, LEGEND MENS MAGAZINE

Hugo & Debra on ABC's Shark Tank

Hugo & Debra Saavedra are renowned for their expertise in food cultivation and service. Having owned multiple restaurants, worked as personal chefs and designed and created menus for various other restaurants, their use of herbs and edible flowers has been one of their signature marks in the restaurant industry.

What may surprise you though is how their experience in food has led to the creation of healthy and luxurious soaps, body creams and body scrubs.

What has been the inspiration and the motivation behind the Saavedra's creation of Saavy Naturals? Most importantly, how can this product help you, the consumer? We at Legend we're dying to find out.

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