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Boy endures sexual abuse while pleads for help to the Australian Parliment go ignored

By: Joseph Bonner

Boy endures sexual abuse after pleads for help to the Australian Parliment went ignored

Just over a year ago, I stumbled across the Instagram account of an Australian resident that quickly gave me cause for alarm.

I came across a shocking photo of a nude adult male with a lightly clad child, bragging on Social Media that he was having sexual relations with the child. The adult male who took the photo wrote derogatory remarks about the child and posted them on social media.

The man's name shall be withheld due to Australian laws inadvertently or deliberately, I do not know, protecting the identity of the child rapist.

The adult male who took the photo made reference to breeding "them young." He hashtagged offensive terms implied that he may have also been sexually abusing the child. The adult male featured in the photo with the child commented on the photo, stating that he was waiting his turn, to have his way' with the young victim.

I contacted Australias Child Protective Service back in 2015 about the Instagram post when I first discovered it. I decided to check back 5 months later to see if the person's account had been removed. I discovered that no only was his account still very active, but also that the photo was still live, leading me to the conclusion the Australian Child Protective Serviced did nothing.

I decided to contact the Australian Parliment in April of 2016 and spoke with the Attorney Generals office. They promised to forward the case to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. I sent them information on the situation, including links to the social media post. I followed up withing a week and discovered that still nothing had been done to remove the account or delete the photo. When I finally got someone from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation on the phone, the person stated that it was not their responsibility to follow on on those issues but the local police department. Why they wold not follow-up with the serious case and or why they would not forward that information to the local police is beyond me.

I then located the Gold Coast Police Department, the closest department to where the adult featured in the photo reportedly lived and worked. I sent them the report online and sent them the link to the photo. I called to follow up on my online report that of course, they could not find. Also, they explained to me that those cases were handled by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and not them.

When I called back to the Australian Parliment to voice my frustration, I was given no option to move forward with this situation.

In the meantime, I did a bit of my own research and discovered not only the school the victim attended but also the work location of one of the predators, who works at Gold's Gym in Australia.

I reached out to multiple media sources internationally who were unwilling to investigate the story.

It has become very clear to me that the Australian Parliment's negligence on the issue of child sexual abuse is no doubt one of the reasons why the problem persists in Australia.

So what every happened to this young child? Is is still facing abuse, perhaps daily? Did he ever get out of the situation? Why didn't his mother who know about the abuse help him? All questions I do not have the answers to. He is probably about 15 now and it just breaks my heart that the people who should have protected him refused to so when presented with the overwhelming evidence of abuse.

Another sad fact is that both adults have close contact with children at an Australian Jiu Jitsu Club known as BBJ on Instagram.

To my knowledge, both adult males are free citizens of Australia and have not faced any legal consequence for their sexual abuse and exploitation of that poor child. Posting regularly on social media without a seeming care in the world.

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