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Ryan Miyaki, CEO of Comped Marketing is changing the advertising game

Ryan Miyaki, CEO of Comped Marketing is changing the advertising game and has found a way to connect advertisers directly with consumers at a time when consumers are at their full attention.

Afer a car drifting accident that left Ryan clinically dead, he was told by doctors after he was revived that he would never walk again. Ryan was determined to use his second chance at life to make a big impact on the world.

In a recent interview with inspirational radio host Joseph Bonner, Ryan told Joseph that he responded to the doctor's statement that he would never walk again by kicking him.

Ryan explained that this was his way of letting the doctor know that he was not going to accept that option and that he was not going to give up on his life or on walking.

In addition to regaining his ability to walk, Ryan has gone on to become a leader in the advertising industry.

He is literally the Knight in shining armor for Lyft and Uber drivers who are still looking for a way to make some extra cash without spending a ridiculous amount of time away from home.

As CEO of Comped Marketing, Ryan and his team now work with international advertisers to provide advertising car wraps for car service drivers, creating a second source of income for them while they are picking up and dropping offer clients.

It's a fabulously brilliant concept that is earning Ryan national attention. Even being referred to by Joseph Bonner as an up and coming Mark Zuckerberg.

If you haven't heard his inspiring interviews on iHeart Radio with Josep then we strongly recommend that you do.

This may be your opportunity to make some extra money by literally doing what you're already doing.

At any rate, you will no doubt be inspired by Ryan's reliance, determination, and creativity.

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