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Hemet Resident Luis Navarro Saves Toddler from Rushing Traffic

The 4-year Hemet resident Luis Navarro could not help but do a double-take as he was driving along his busy work route, where cars hit speeds of up to 65 mph and greater.

He noticed a toddler girl approached the highway he was driving on with absolutely no parents in sight. Mr. Navarro then instinctively pull his car off the highway to help this seemingly lost little girl.

So as not to startle the girl which could cause her to run into the 65 mph traffic, Navarro decides to get down on his knees and hold out his hand, inviting the young girl to approach.

Thankfully she responds.

This video below shows what ensued shortly after the young girl is safe and holding Mr. Navarro's hands.

Navarro was finally able to locate the little girl's parents who quickly apologized. However, Mr. Navarro was not about to leave without giving proper counsel to the family to keep an eye on their child.

Here is what happened when Mr. Navarro finds her house

The video no doubt prompted the Hemet Sheriff's Department to open an active investigation on the family to hopefully ensure that this little girl is never again left alone to wander near the busy interstate.

Luis Navarro is rightly being hailed a hero for stepping in and saving the little girl from what could have easily been a tragedy.

Mr. Navarro, you are a hero.

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