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Dylan Tapia Pulls Off Best High School Prom Proposal of 2017

High school JR Dylan Tapia has a heart of gold and set's a beautiful example of what the high school experience should really be all about. Namely, friendship, kindness, and giving.

After being asked by the mother of Ivory ( a beautiful senior who has special needs) to take her daughter to the prom, Dylan jumped at the chance to make the prom proposal an unforgettable experience.

Referring to her affectionately online as, "homegirl," Dylan's prom proposal is absolutely heartwarming.

With some help from his amazing friends and with the full support from Ivory's twin sister Iris, the stage was set for one of the most sweetest high school moments of 2017 caught on camera.

After asking her out to the prom with a large card and a plate of what appears on the video to be strawberries, young Ivory is taken aback by the unexpected and delightful prom proposal and is rightly moved to tears.

Not only does Dylan set a good example of what the high school experience should be about, he also is a good example of a what being a good man is all about.

Dylan Tapia, you are a hero.

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