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Russian Government Illegally Targets The Christian Presence of Jehovah's Witnesses To Seize Prop

Russian Government Illegally Targets The Christain Presence of Jehovah's Witnesses To Seize Property Worth Millions, Breaking News, Fox, Cnn, BBC, ABC, China, Russia, Mexico

Over 7,000 Russians took to the streets to protest the illegal activity of the Prime Minister who is believed to have amassed extensive wealth at the expense of the Russian people with absolutely no investigation by the Russian Federation.

Such criminal activity is also being instigated by the Ministry of Justice of Russia toward the Christian presence of Jehovah's Witnesses who have peacefully operated in Russia as a legally recognized religion for over the past 20's years.

However, for the past decade, Jehovah's Witnesses have been targeted and by Russian authorities and will face a seemingly "biblical" showdown with the Ministry of Justice of Russia in the Russian Supreme Court on April 5th to defend their rights to possess the freedom to practice their faith in peace.

In keeping with their peace-loving ways, Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia continue to appeal to the Russian government to reconsider their illegal stance against the legal entity of Jehovah' Witnesses.

The United States branch of Jehovah's Witnesses has recently appealed to their over 8 million "brothers and sisters" in the faith around the world to write letters of appeal to the to the Russian government and its various legal entities.

If Russian upholds their decision the label Jehovah's Witnesses as extremist, it will be following in the footsteps of their Soviet Union predecessor of whom President Vladimir Putin once served as a dedicated KGB officer. The Russian government would then be free to "legally" seize the property of Jehovah's Witnesses is Russia, estimated to be worth millions. From such a move, freedom of religion would become non-existent in the Russian Federation.

It appears that it will only take a miracle from their God Jehovah to save them from the threat of legal extinction in Russia.

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