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Hey Guys,Stop Hiding Your Phone From Your Girl

Guys,Stop Hiding Your Phone From Your Girl, Mens magazine,

So I was going to my office the other day and I noticed a handsome couple riding up the elevator with me. I noticed as they made small talk and the atmosphere was lighthearted and kind until his girlfriend did the unthinkable.

While riding up the elevator, the boyfriend was on his phone and I assume was messaging someone. When his girlfriend leaned in to check to see he was messaging he instantly jerked the phone away from and became noticeably defensive.

I could not help but laugh out loud and the boyfriend apparently thought I was vouching for him and mumbled under his breath that she was "tripping."

After they left the elevator me my security guard had a good laugh. Our conversation included me mentioning that his girl need to recognize the clear sign and head for the hills but of course that is something she will need to learn for herself.

So guys, if you're hiding your phone from your girl, let's be honest, are you really 100% for her or are you "playing the field?" I mean, we all want to know.

It's not fair to her if you tell her you for her 100 but then you're talking to other girls on the side, downloading things that would offend her, etc.

It's time to man up and end the relationship with your girl and figure out what you need if you're not being faithful.

While you're figuring yourself out, it should never be done at the expense of playing with some poor girls heart.

If you are being faithful then why the secrecy?

Unless your undercover agent 007, and you have a top secret mission that you can't share at risk of your life, than perpahs it's time you lighten up and begin to be trust your girl with your phone.

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