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Why Millennials Would Never Pay To Use Twitter


Why Millennials Would Never Pay To Use Twitter

As the official voice of the millennial generation, we belive we can safely speak for Millennials everywhere when we say that Millennials as a composite group would never pay to use Twitter.

Forbes recently published an article suggesting that a way for Twitter to solve their financial obstacles was for them to charge their users.

According to reports, Twitter is struggling to convince investors that they can compete with social media moguls like Facebook when it comes to advertising. Charging Twitter users would in no way address that issue. It may, in fact, ruin the one good thing Twitter has going for them right now; namely, it's number of active users.

Twitter's active users are over 300 million, but that number is quite small compared to Facebooks over 1 billion active users.

Twitter certainly has a long way to go when it comes to appealing to the Millennial generation but charging it's users is definitely not the answer. Why? Simply put, Millennials don't play that.

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