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Why Babies Are Going Bananas Over Poof Diapers

Poof Diapers, Legend Mens Magazine

Alas, Poof diapers have arrived! The award-winning designer, visionary and founder of Poof, Debra Lee, was not very pleased with what popular diaper brands had to offer, in particular, their features, such as comfort and textile.

As an environmentally-conscious mother, she and her partner used their knowledge and background in textile science to create a line of baby hygiene products that not only meet and exceed industry standards but are also environmentally safe and friendly.

Poof products are fully biodegradable. Contrary to popular brands, Poof disposable diapers are made with materials that take 4-6 months to break down, which is quite a step up from 500 years it takes regular diapers to break down. Poof diapers wick moisture with their proprietary material, made with non-GMO corn, and as a result, the diaper feels smooth, silky and soft; as if “you’re wearing a silk scarf.”

Chemical-free and anti-bacterial + bacteriostatic. Babies get rashes, from time to time. Many rashes are caused by bacteria that makes its way into your baby’s skin, particularly in the sensitive areas where the baby’s groin meets the diaper’s elastic seal. Poof high-performance diapers' unique materials stop the reproduction of bacteria that causes those painful “diaper rashes” without the use of any chemicals, surfactants, embedded materials, or lotions and keep your baby dry while staying comfortable. All other baby hygiene products, such as RealFLUSHABLE Wipes, compressed magic wipe cloths, and Nursing Pads, are also made without the use of harsh chemicals, chlorine, lead, additives and fragrances.

With Poof products we can now set an example for our children about protecting the environment while using the earths natural materials to protect ours.

Poof Diapers

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