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MeSpoke: How One App is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry in 2017

Twitter: @SantiagoOrtizJr

One of the things that gravitate people into fashion is the vast amount of choices they have when it comes to selecting a unique style of clothes.

Whether you are looking for the latest business suit, a vintage pair of jeans, or Japanese-inspired shoes that wrap around your feet, there will always be that “one item” you saw on a random photo on social media that you instantly fall in love with.

As technology advances and social media increases in popularity, finding out which retailer sales the merchandise you saw on any given photo can still feel like a scavenger hunt. Wouldn’t it be nice to just snap a photo of it with your phone and automatically be directed to the official retailer website to make your purchase?! What if you could then share it with all of your friends online? (Has Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” begun to play in your mind yet?).

Highly-renowned entrepreneur, Mr. Khurrum “Sid” Hasan, CEO of a new revolutionary fashion app called MeSpoke explains: “MeSpoke is the next-generation social media app for fashion. Our patent-pending technology allows us to answer three questions being asked every second of the day – Who makes it? Where did you get it? Where can I get it?

The MeSpoke platform values social capital and creates a new sales channel that offers Brands the unique opportunity to directly interact with and understand their consumers on an unprecedented level”.

Unlike other e-commerce sites, such as, MeSpoke's app does not stock merchandise in a warehouse and ships it when purchased. Rather, it connects the consumer directly to the manufacturer!

The MeSpoke app was released on July 21st, 2016 and is now available for free download in the Apple App store.

Thanks to Mr. Hasan, staying fashionable has gotten a whole lot easier with MeSpoke.

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