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Styling Like A Legend On A Budget

In this economy, let's face it. It can be difficult to buy excellent brand name clothes at an affordable price.

We have so many bills to pay and that put's a limit on our disposable income.

Despite that, it is possible to dress stylishly on a budget. .

In this article we're going to give you some helpful tips on how to dress attractively without breaking the bank.

Spending Smart

Instead of shopping for outfits, make your money last by shopping for multiple individual pieces you can mix and match yourself.

What if you are one of the many that like to shop for brand clothes but really can't afford them. No worries! Store's like Marshals and many consignment stores where you can shop your favorite brand clothes for a much cheaper price.

What are Consignment Stores?

These shops are breeding grounds for fantastic finds. Discount stores collect big-name items (Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, Nicole Miller, Cole Haan, North Face, Columbia, Nike, Juicy Couture, Steve Madden, Vivienne Tam, Ray-Ban, and the like) down from big retailers and usually mark down the price by at least 50% or more.

Be A Smart Shopper

Takes advantage of coupons and mail coupons. Be a smart shopper. Sometimes, not all discount stores are cheaper than department stores or stores at the mall, especially depending on the season. In the shift between major seasons, such as summer and fall, department stores will slash prices dramatically, more than any T.J. Maxx or Ross would. At certain times, such as the second week of August when most department stores are having massive clearance sales. Also, be aware of department store coupons.

If you receive catalogs in the mail, take special note of the cutout coupons on the back. Sometimes you can get 20% off your purchase! The internet is also a good aid in finding deals.


If you're a college student take advantage of the many stores that offer student discounts. Here's a list of store's and the discounts offered for college students.

Rugby Ralph Lauren (Save 15% off one purchase online with your ID.) Charlotte Russe (Save 10% off one purchase online with your ID.) Topshop (Save 10% off your entire purchase online with your ID.) (Save 10% with your ID online.) (Save 15% off orders $100+ with your ID online.) (Save 20% off orders $100+ with your ID online.)

There and many more stores that offer discounts for college students.

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