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3 Things Successful People Do

#1. Never Give Up

Successful people never give up. It took me two years before I connected with Oprah's team. My efforts in the past were not successful but they also were not in vain. I learned how to adjust my approach and create something that even Oprah's team wanted to be a part. I would have never experienced such success if I would have given up two years ago.

# 2. Surround Yourself With Givers

Successful people surround themselves with givers. Watch the company you keep. Some people will come in your life for one of two reasons, namely to take or receive. Surround yourself with givers. It's just as important though that you too are a giver. Giving does not have to be in terms of money but may take the form of giving of time, resources, emotional support etc. These are the people who may be on your team for the long run.

#3. Work Like A Beast

Successful people have a work level often times that leaves them absolutely exhausted at the end of the day. Beasts don't kill for the thrill they kill to eat and survive. If you are going to kill the competition your work ethic has to be ten times better than the competition. Work like your very livelihood depends on it because it does.

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