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Plan A Luxury Trip to London Next Summer!

Buckingham Palace

Summer is best enjoyed with fantastic scenery, fine dining, and lavish hotel accommodations. It is one of the greatest means of compensation you can reward yourself with for the long and arduous work year. To assist you in satisfying your appetite to explore and be pampered next summer, we have compiled an exclusive list of sights, amenities, and luxuries in your travels to London next summer.

For a true five-star experience, Hotel 41 comes highly recommend by the Trip Advisor community and for good reason! Located in the heart of London, Hotel 41 comprises of 30 luxurious rooms and suites, a personal butler and 24 hour room service. The essence of luxury is complemented at Hotel 41 by the elegant furnishings along with the fact that staff outnumber guest two to one. Ranked #1 by Trip Advisor, no doubt due to luxury, reviews of the hotel staff is outstanding and will most definitely make for an unforgettable experience.

Kew Garden, London

While enjoying your luxury vacation in London be sure to enjoy some of the most distinguished scenes that will heighten your travel experience. In particular, why not enjoy a glass of champagne in Buckingham Palace! There are tours fitted just so. You will be dazzled by the famous masterpieces from the Royal Collection including sculptures, paintings, and historic furniture that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your soul for years to come.

Honorable mentions of notable landmarks to visit on your excursion include Hampton Court Palace, the Globe Theater, museums and scores of parks and gardens. Some of which may be pleasantly reached by private rowboat.

Certainly not to be excluded on your sojourn to London is the excellence of Borough's Market! A vibrant metropolis of exquisite dishes in great quantity and variety, Borough Market's friendly vendors add a taste of authenticity to the astonishing market experience.


Such a fine luxury tip is not necessarily beyond the budget of the everyday consumer. Frequent flyer miles, careful budgeting, and online discounts can bring world travel right to your door! Why not begin planning your next summer trip to London today?

Time will fail us if we go on to relate about all the extravagant sights to see on your luxury vacation to London during summer. So we bid you a noble farewell as you embark on an unforgettable and legendary vacation. Cheerio mates!

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